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October, 2013

Dear Dr. Garita

I want to thank you for the work you performed for me in October, 2013. The results were outstanding, the Crowns fit very well and the fillings look very good. The time you spent adjusting my bite has it better than it had been for 20 years. My local dentist had wanted to perform the work over a 15-week period, but you agreed to complete it over 4 days around a weekend (5 Crowns, 7 fillings, and an implant). This enabled me to enjoy a Costa Rica vacation while getting the dental work finished. Your staff is very helpful and your English is flawless. Your expertise with anesthesia and pain control made the whole procedure very painless. I was able to enjoy visiting San Jose and the natural sites in the vicinity every day. Every aspect of your service made the whole ordeal very simple and like a vacation, thank you, James E. Harrison

James E. Harrison

FernviewNursery@aol.com for any questions

September, 2013

Hi Dr. Jose,

I want to get this review to you for your website, if you choose. To those considering dental work in Costa Rica: I originally searched the internet for Costa Rican dentists as my husband and I were going to vacation there in August for a week and I have endured overlapping front teeth all of my life and wanted to try to get them fixed while there. Before leaving the US, I emailed Adult Dentistry inquiring about them and the procedures. Dr. Jose was very quick to return my emails and answer my questions. Upon arriving in CR, I called and got an appt for consultation. Dr. Jose and his expert staff were very friendly and professional and spoke English which was a great help for me. They were able to perform the first step of my treatment (which was laser whitening) that afternoon. The equipment and expertise of both Dr. Jose and staff was exceptional. They even rescheduled their own patients for me to come in early or late so we would have most of the day to tour the area. I was very grateful. The other impressionable thing was, Dr. Jose has his own lab in-house and he made my crown, veneer and mouth guard right there. No waiting 2 weeks for a permanent crown and veneer. So, when I left CR, my 2 front teeth were straight and the bite was perfect. He and the staff even stayed til 8:30 p.m. working on me to make sure every thing was perfect and aligned correctly. The cost was ¼ of what I would have to pay in the US and the experience was pleasant. I would highly recommend anyone contacting Dr. Jose if they are going to go to Costa Rica and wish to have some dental work done. I don’t impress easily but I was very impressed with him and his staff. Thanks to all at Adult Dentistry for making me want to smile a lot now. God Bless, Trish Clark

Trish Fields-Clark

Trish.Fields-Clark@nicklaus.com for any questions.

May, 2013

Where are you going for your dental work? Costa Rica? Why? Why indeed would anyone go to Costa Rica for dental services? I’ve answered these questions many times for friends and relatives. My answer has always been same: cost, competence, cleanliness, convenience and “extras”

Cost - a major consideration when shopping for dental services, especially for those of us without dental insurance - prices in the US just seem to be risen without limit. Dental services in Costa Rica are about 30% to 50% of US prices. Even if you do have US dental insurance, your care might be covered (my wife’s treatments were covered up to the limit of her policy). In addition to “normal” dental care, my wife wanted cosmetic work (veneers) to make her smile attractive again. Our best quote from US dentists was $46,000 – and he suggested a home equity loan to cover the cost. We instead had the work done in Costa Rica for just 30% of that – and now has the beautiful smile she wanted. Another aspect of cost is the cost of transportation. In 2012 the round trip fare from Atlanta Georgia to San Jose Costa Rica was $350. That amount is easily made up in the treatment of just a single tooth. The savings are so great that you often meet people from Hawaii, Europe who come to Costa Rica for dental (and cosmetic surgery).

Competence – After a lot of research I selected Dr. Jose Garita of Adult Dentistry, San Jose. He’s all you can ask for in a dentist – well trained, very competent, caring, and personable. You never feel like a “number” in his practice, US patients are considered “priorities”. Jose is fluent in English as are most people you’ll encounter either in his practice or in San Jose. The equipment in Dr. Garita’s office is another “indicator” of the level of service you’ll receive there. It’s as modern as any I’ve seen in expensive US practices. Finally Dr. Garita’s staff, especially Margoth and Anita are caring as well, expert in their fields.

Cleanliness – Cleanliness is not an issue in Dr. Garita’s practice. It is clean! Safe!

Convenience – there is a very inexpensive bus service available, most people will use taxis to get around. Taxis are inexpensive however as a courtesy to his patients Dr. Garita provides a taxi to and from the airport. Most taxi drivers are at least somewhat fluent in English. Dr. Garita accepts Credit Card payment as well as cash. Banks and ATM machines are available Entry into the country requires only a passport – Visas are granted upon arrival.

Extra – The “Extras” are the fun part in Costa Rica. The area is rich with museums, with abundant natural attractions such as volcanoes and rain forests. We took a Zip Line tour through one of the parks that was nothing short of spectacular. Couple the exotic beauty of Costa Rica with the superb services of the skilled and personable Dr. Jose Garita, a hard to beat combination. I would be most happy to talk about this with you – ask Dr. Garita’s office for my contact information.

Mr. Roger Larsen

risail@charter.net Phone numbers: 865-458-1776 or 865-242-2749 for any questions.

April 2013

Dr Garita has really changed my life forever, I have the most beautiful and perfect teeth. There was no need to be nervous going to Costa Rica for a dental procedure. He was explained me every procedure and he had all my questions answered. I was called at home after every treatment, I would highly recommend Dr. Garita to anyone with teeth problems or someone like myself who needs a smile makeover. Ask to see my before and after and you will be amazed...!!! Call today and make an appointment do not hesitate more. You will enjoy it...! Thank You Adult Dentistry of Costa Rica

Fernanda Altieri

Miami Florida, USA

reina.fern@comcast.net Phone numbers: 561-279-2925 for any questions.

March 2013

Dr. Garita and his staff are right up to date with the latest in equipment and attitude. The Dr.Garita really takes his time with each patient. He is very thorough and patient. They have a fresh new outlook on their business. Comfortable waiting area, complete with wide screen TV and FREE Costa Rican coffee...! They are very accommodating with their payment plans. I was very impressed. I think I finally found my forever Dentist my experience was very good, I found the dentist I felt with was very honest and informative. Thank You Adult Dentistry of Costa Rica

Carmen Elwin

Miami Florida, USA

terebipo2@aol.com Phone numbers: 954-421-5455 for any questions.

November 2011

If you've been thinking of going to Costa Rica to have some dental work don’t think no longer, book that flight. I just got back from Costa Rica and Dr. Jose V. Garita of Adult Dentistry and his wonderful staff took good care of me. In 10 days I had 8, yes, (eight) crowns and 2 (two) veneers. and let me tell you, You can´t even tell they aren´t my own teeth. I was worried they´re might look fake. I told Dr. Garita about my concerns and this were pointless because of what he´s done. I believe there would not have been this natural looking if I did them in the US. As for discomfort, completly painless, did not even need a pain pill. So, if you're thinking of having some dental work, visit Dr. José Garita at Adult Dentistry of Costa Rica and you'll be glad you did. I”m already planning another trip perhaps for my old fillings removed and replaced. So, maybe I will see you there. As for the price unbelivable compared to the US.

So maybe I will see you there.

As for the price
UNBELIEVABLE Compared to the US.

Mr. Shaun Wickings

Shaunwickins@bellsouth.net Phone number: 754-246-4003

Estimado Doctor Garita: Reciba desde NY un carinoso saludo en union de su familia. Le quiero dar mis mas sinceras gracias por el trabajo dental tal maravilloso, no he tenido molestias y toda mi gente me dice que se me ven fenomenales. Un saludo muy especial a tu hijo el Doctor Jose, a las bellas Margot, Carolina, Susy y a Patricia que gracias por el delicioso cafe. Gracias otra vez y que Dios le bendiga esas manos maravillosas. De seguro que los visitare en mi proxima visita a Tiquicia. .

Abrazos, Marisa

Julio 14, 2010

Just like your Dad, the partner in your practice, my Dad, a non-dentist, put dental care on the top of the his agenda. First with braces, then the entire panorama from impacted wisdoms to root canals to crowns to fillings, I'm a patient who's accustomed to the best dentistry in the U.S.A.

Truth is, I never knew about real dental care -- the Costa Rican way, or perhaps limited only to your way, until now. Your massive xrays on the computer screen show a virtual, microscopic blueprint of the mouth.

I never saw the structure of my mouth before. There are all the root canals, fillings, crowns staring us in the eyes. The detail the computer reveals is light years ahead of the tiny xrays I'm used seeing placed up against a back light.

You pointed out cavities forming way ahead of anything I've seen during my 60 years as a dental patient. I nearly fell asleep in treatment because your technique is as painless as I've had, particularly the necessary shots to numb some work areas.

When I got back to the hotel, I couldn't believe the mouth I was looking at. You had gone over each tooth with your dental instrument as part of the service; so they looked much cleaner, especially telling since I had just had a cleaning which didn't touch the areas you discerned.

Permit me to draw a comparison, if I may, to a master artist who works every minute spot on his canvas superlatively. That's what you are -- superlative.

Unbelievable, the prices are low -- sometimes less than half -- for us Americans. You truly have something great down there that, if folks only knew were in the grasp, they'd come a'running.


Bob Sherin
Miami, Florida

Hello Everyone:

If you are considering dental work & you desire receiving your moneys worth, with the most outstanding workmanship, using bleeding edge technology equipment, the best materials on the planet, look no further. I will flat out tell you Doctor Jose Garita is with out question THE BEST OF THE BEST!!

Hands down, hears as good as any of our top dentist in the United States, except for one thing, the price. To say I am personally satisfied with the results and the savings would truly be an understatement. Doctor Garita ROX!!! He speaks good English & will leave an everlasting impression on you as a great person regardless of his over the top skills.

I have saved many thousands of dollars in my several visits, plus had a great vacation every time, not to mention Costa Rica is to die for!! If you would like to reach me regarding Doctor Garita, please send me a short E-Mail at melp82@gmail.com with subject (COSTA RICA DENTAL WORK) or the most convenient would be to call me on the weekend after 12 NOON- E.S.T. @ 305-527-8085. A third option, contact me on Skype ID = Mr. Miami ( there are 4 Mr. Miami on Skype, I am the one located in North Miami Beach)


C. Mel Puleo