In just 1 hour get a brighter and whiter smile…!!!


dental whitening in costa rica

Zoom teeth whitening is the world's leading whitening system and one of the most used techniques to whiten teeth quickly and effectively.

Nowadays, we know that cosmetic dentistry has gained crucial importance in people’s image. Thanks to the new dental techniques, you can show off flawless, gleaming, white teeth.

Zoom whitening can whiten several shades eliminating the unsightly look of stained or yellowed teeth.


The causes of teeth not being white can be:


  • Over the years the teeth darken or become yellow. Darker teeth make a person look older.

    • Poor hygiene due to lack of proper brushing leads to the staining of the teeth.

    • Bad habits such as smoking, drinking coffee or eating foods with color additives produce unpleasant stains.

    • Antibiotics, especially tetracycline can get teeth to be brown or grey.


What does Zoom Dental Whitening consist of?


Zoom Dental Whitening consists of applying a hydrogen peroxide-based gel on the tooth and then applying ultraviolet light onto it. The effect of the gel activated by Zoom is what produces the dental whitening.


How many sessions are needed for Zoom teeth whitening?


zoom teeth whitening This technique is performed in a single session of an hour or hour and a half; it is recommended to first complete a deep dental cleaning to remove attached dental plaque (tartar), blemishes or correct any dental work.






When are the results of Zoom Teeth Whitening visible?


The results are immediate; you leave the dentist’s office with white bright teeth.

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